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Ondrej Vaculik
2 min readFeb 5, 2021

Let me introduce myself — I am a PhD student at Brno University of Technology, CZ and my goal here is to map my journey thorugh my studies and work at the Institute of Scientific Instruments. But not only that, I may get into my hobbies, plans or occasional perosnal rants. Lastly, English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes.

Little backgroud — I graduated in 2020 at the Palacký University in Olomouc, my major was Optics and Optoelectronics. My Masters thesis aimed to develop a method of remote vegetation health sensing. This is where we get to the sciency stuff. I will try to explain it in a undestandable way throughout my bloposts.

On personal note, I am a cheerfull coffee loving technology enthusiast. When around people I am comforable with, I am talkative and energetic. In other situations I tend to be a little bit shy and nervous. (Note to self: This is something I want to work on.)

I like listening to all kind of music, from indie rock, metal, electornic, techno, classical, jazz,… you name it. I like how the music feels, when played quietly to make a nice atmosphere or loud on a live event, pulsing through every part of you.

I love watching movies, I wanted to become a cinematographer, heck I even worked on some short movies (you can see some of them here). But at this point, I chose not to take that path.

I kinda feel like jack of all trades, in terms of my working experiences and fields I am interested in. I mentioned film making, but there’s more. I worked as field technician for internet service provider, I spent one wonderfull summer at a ticket booth in amusement park in the US. I did a stage technician and lighting on a medium sized alternative music festival. I took part in science movie festival Academia Film Olomouc as a technician and one year even as a host speaker to introduce a documentary about quantum physics!

The year was 2020, September. Here my adventure towards getting the mighty PhD begins…



Ondrej Vaculik

PhD Student with specialization in Hyperspectral Imaging and Processing